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Art for All 

It is fun to look back on some of our community projects.

-Greenwood Mall

-Kingston BBQ

-Greenwood Street Banners

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Congratulations to Students at Greenwood Mall 2019

Every year the Greenwood Mall offers a celebration to graduating students before the summer. In 2019, 7Arts joined this event & encouraged kids to help create this collage to celebrate another successful school year.

Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 9.02.04 PM.png

Community Mural by Amber Juby, Y.A.L & the
Kingston BBQ Festival 2019

This mural "Kingsley" was created during the 2019 Kingston Steer Fest BBQs.  Participants got to add their artistic touch to the community mural while enjoying the 60th Anniversary Celebrations. Artist Amber Juby, refined the mural and it is now hanging proudly and can be viewed at Kingston Regional Library. 


Greenwood Street Banners 2020-2022

This project is so exciting. 7Arts and the Village of Greenwood came together in 2020 and collaborated on a new endeavour. Lets get art out in the community and highlight the past, present and future of Greenwood. Learn more about your community as you drive down Bridge Street this year and enjoy 10 local Artists interpretation of the village. Even though it was delayed due to COVID, things are back on track and we all look forward to seeing these street banners displayed this year.

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