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N.O.V.A Club 

New Opportunities for Valley Artists

Finding Inspiration in Every Medium

New Opportunities for Valley Artists – NOVA Club is a growing peer group. If you’re an artist living in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia or more specifically near Kingston and Greenwood, we invite you to join us.  We are creating a cooperative environment not a competitive one.  We want Artists to succeed & we want our community to benefit emotionally, physically & mentally through creative work.

Our Story

This group formed in October 2018. We started teaching children's art lessons and hosting Paint Nights to raise funds for a permanent location. We found a home in March 2019.

As a club member, you will  have access to a creative space, discounted art supplies, mentorship, information about grants and bursaries, reasonably priced gallery space, be part of our artist database, have a page on our website, networking opportunities and space to run workshops and lessons.  You can run your own event or work with us to plan something specific.

A major priority of the N.O.V.A. Club is to introduce our local artists to our community and beyond!  Please provide us with at least 1 piece of art that we will display in our family friendly gallery.  This gallery is open to all and the entrance to 7Arts.  Everyone who uses the Makers Space and attends workshops at our studio will see your Art.  Being a part of the club will give you access to our studio and so many possibilities for your future as an artist in the Annapolis Valley.  Keep in mind, only the Artists that join the N.O.V.A. Club will receive invites to these opportunities.

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