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What is NOVA Club?

We are an active art group located here in Greenwood in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. NOVA represents New Opportunities for Valley Artists. Nova was also the name of founder, Amber's, beloved late furbaby.  

This club helps local artists follow their dreams by providing:
  • A gallery space for you to exhibit artwork
  • A space for you to teach lessons, host workshops and anything else you can think of.
  • Introductions to community groups looking for art instructors
  • Information on exhibitions, art projects, courses, grants etc.
  • Guiding you on how to host a show, teach lessons & workshops, promote your work and engage new art enthusiasts.
  • Working together in a collaborative, not competitive environment.

From Classes to Gallery Showings

Our NOVA Club Artists

The amazing talented artists that make up our NOVA Club all come from different backgrounds. We thrive in our diversity and learn from each others experience. There are countless benefits to becoming a NOVA  Club member. Please feel free to check out our current directory of members below. 
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