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Luanne Hartman

Acrylics & Watercolor Artist

College trained in graphic arts, Luanne began a career as a designer in print media. After a few years employed in print/graphic shops, including opening
her own graphics business during the early 80’s, she took a sabbatical to start a family. During that time, she found that painting (something she had enjoyed in her teenage years) brought her much joy, relaxation and contentment. While developing her skills, and painting whenever she could find the time, she was also working in various careers until 6 years ago, when she happily states “now that I’m retired I get to paint everyday”!

Other than the occasional workshop, she can attest that she is self taught.
This means, in her words “I learned things through experimentation—trial and error you might say, and I believe that was pivotal in becoming a versatile artist”.


Nature in all its beauty and wonder has been her primary source of inspiration, creating her paintings in an approach of realism in acrylic and watercolour. From the many wonderful sights seen during backcountry camping trips throughout Algonquin Park and other wonderful locations in Ontario, forests, water, animals - nature in general, is where her heart speaks to her. And now, retired in Nova Scotia, the ocean, trails, mountains and rivers that abound the province with their beauty, give her new inspiration to capture in her work.


During her many years of painting, she has also pursued various opportunities in teaching art (acrylic and watercolour) sharing her knowledge and experience to budding artists of all ages.
Luanne has explored many mediums, techniques, surfaces and subject matter. This is apparent in her work now and in the past, some of which is featured on her website.

Samples of my work


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