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Juele Hortie

Various Medium Artist

Juele infuses life's essence into every painting that she creates. Her art depicts surprising alliances between plants, animals and people. Her artful compositions display a realist style, while her diligently detailed and colourful characters are often engaged in playful, dreamlike scenarios.


The bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia is her home. Juele is wholeheartedly inspired by hiking the diverse land and seascapes near to her and she enjoys seasonally foraging for mushrooms and wild edibles. It is the act of witnessing the beauty, complexity and interconnectedness of nature that inspires her artistic process.


She hopes to transmute her love of wildlife on to the canvas. Through her art, Juele emphasizes the emotional state and dabbles in storytelling. Her pictures portray a vibrant and intricate world, a world where all living beings are equally essential to life.

Samples of my work


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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