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Sarah Shortliffe

Acrylics & Watercolor Artist/Illustrator

I have loved drawing and painting my entire life, creating has become ingrained in my identity and how I see myself.


I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Mount Allison University as well as a Master’s Degree in Artifact Conservation at Queen’s University. I would describe my drawing style as fanciful and illustrative using watercolour with the addition of penned line work.  I enjoy creating a juxtaposition of objects; animals and scenery that would not otherwise occur.

My goal in creating my artwork has always been to amuse the viewer with whimsy and fantasy. My primary medium is watercolour/ink with additional details in ink pen. However, I love to try any and all new media and have worked in printmaking, oil painting, willow charcoal, sculpture, pottery, quilling, felting, crochet, beadwork. Learning how to use a new media and how I can change it or tweak it to match my aesthetic is always interesting.

The process of making art is very therapeutic and meditative to me. Having a creative outlet
is important, you just need to find your media and go for it! There are “rules” in art, and then
there’s throwing the rules out and doing it your way – both are great and lead to amazing art.
You can contact me at through @7Arts2 on social media or use
our website

Samples of my work


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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