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Join Our Team !

As a volunteer-run Non-Profit organization, 7Arts requires the help and dedication of volunteers just like you. We welcome anyone 12 years and up, with a keen interest in growing our arts community. Volunteer your time and talents in a rewarding and supportive environment.

We value each and every contribution you can make. We endeavour to ensure that all volunteers are provided with training, support and resources required to succeed and grow.


Our organization has built a space where the community can learn, create and grow together. This is a multigenerational environment, where we can build social capital to improve the lives of everyone in our community. Our inclusive, accessible ART HUB will bring together local artists and community members, in a cooperative and engaging environment.

Volunteer Opportunities

  Board of Directors Attend monthly meetings and follow our mission and vision. Connect with community and contribute to programs and fundraisers.


  Marketing and Media: Help create content and posts for social media, monthly newsletter and distribute printed materials to our supporters and community.


  Special Events: Organize and schedule new events, the calendar, meet the instructors or hosts and explain our goals. Encourage new contacts to join our larger creative community.

  Makers Space: Create engaging programs for all ages focusing on new content to reach new participants. Use the 7Arts paint, draw, photography, write, music, design and craft theme to  inspire.


  Design & Décor: Focus on designing the studio before and during renovations. Continue to improve the space to support every activity.  Highlight the gallery and working studio.

  Art Camp: Bring new ideas and energy to every session. 


  Grant Writing: Help us to identify, research and complete applications for various grants.


  Fundraiser: We are always looking for new ideas & experienced team members to create events that benefit NSAC and the community. 

We welcome and encourage youth volunteers to join our team. If you are a teacher or parent with a talented and caring youth,  please reach out and  let us know. Youth assist with events, fundraising and special projects.  Creating a multi generational team makes us unique and our ideas and programs reflect that. New ideas and projects are welcome.

To find out more about how we can help you with your volunteering goals, visit our studio or email us for more information.

If you like art and love community, we are your people.

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