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Tara Schick Cormier

Various Mediums Artist

Tara Cormier has had the pleasure of living all across Canada and it has inspired her artistically in ways she can’t even describe! Tara grew up on the west coast of British Columbia where she was enveloped by ocean, mountains, and forests. The constant balance of Vancouver’s big city life and having nature on her back step gave her an enriched childhood of having the best of both worlds at her fingertips.


In her early 20’s, Tara took the leap and moved to Northern Alberta. She was able to do some pottery and sculpture while she was there, as well as teaching a variety of art classes on greeting cards, quilling, scrapbooking, and more. The Aurora Borealis created patterns and colours in nature she had never experienced before. To this day it still inspires her with her abstract pieces.


When she moved back to The Sunshine Coast of BC she was instantly pulled back to the forest and the ocean. Tara took this time to focus on the culinary arts and revisited her talents from being a baker during university to experiment with new flavours and dishes.


Fast forward a few years and Tara made her way to Manitoba. She was able to find time between teaching Kindergarten to narrow her edible creations to cake decorating. She challenged herself with each new dessert to make it more detailed and impressive. Drawing and painting always tried to make appearances, but it wasn’t until she moved to Nova Scotia that her life allowed time to make art a priority. 


She dove headfirst into watercolour, and spent two years working primarily in this medium before taking a sharp turn and immersing herself into abstract acrylic painting. The past few years have been used to just explore, experiment, and enjoy the process of creating! Now that she’s had that time, Tara realizes that she needs to create in a variety of ways in order to “scratch that artistic itch.”

Samples of my work


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