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Ashley Cusson 

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, I have always had a passion for creativity. My art has always been very personal to me, and something I have used to express myself in ways that words seldom can. Now I would like to share my art with the world!

I can often be found making my latest digital creation on my iPad, whether it be a colourful mosaic, a floral arrangement with a psychedelic twist, or even my take on classic video game characters. I also enjoy making black & white line art drawings, some of which I have even published as an adult colouring book!

With my Cricut machine, I love to make paper-based crafts for all occasions. I’ll make a 3D custom card for a loved one on special occasions, and decorate my home with paper flowers. When you have the right tools, your imagination is the limit, and I feel like I can make anything.

When I’m looking to do something relaxing, I’ll get a needle and thread and continue to work on one of my cross-stitch pieces. I am a huge fan of coming up with my own designs to see what it looks like when I transform it into a work of cross-stitch art!

Digital, Fibre & Crafting Artist

Samples of my work


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. - Instagram

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